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Dua Bear and Book
Mohammed Khalid
I really want this

This is the best teddy ever I wish I had it

Dua Bear and Book
Enisa Yilmaz
Love love love it

This was a gift the little girl enjoyed listening and learning duas. We will order again in the near future

Dua Bear and Book
Wala Assaf
The best invention!

I wish we had this growing up! Its truly rewarding to have. Beautifully made and crafted with quality!

Dua Bear and Book

My son loves his Dua bear. It’s a great addition to his bedtime routine! Hoping to buy more for Eid. Definitely a great gift to give!

Dua Bear and Book
Ahmed Salah
Best Gift For Muslims

My 2 year daughter old and 8 yeas old son love the Dua Bear. What a blessing to start their day and end it with the remembrance of Allah (SWT).
Thank you DUA BEAR for making such a wonderful product.

Best gift ever. My son can’t sleep without it. And he memorized all the Du’a’s! Thanks so much.

Dua Bear and Book
Karima conroy

Thank you so much sister for the great service, fast delivery. My daughter loves the duabear she won’t stop listening to the surahs and she already memorized some dua already hamdolilah.thank you again and may Allah be with you.

Dua Bear and Book
Maysa Nubulsi

Best toy for Muslim children! I even got into the habit of saying them daily!

Beautiful idea and a beautiful toy. My daughter loves her bear so much and she likes to hear the dua every time she feels lonely at night.

This was such a great idea for all the Muslim children, thank you for making Duabear. My daughter loves listening to the athkar in the morning & before she sleeps.

I bought the dua bear as a gift for my grandson. It is adorable msA and a beautiful gift. Thank you for the bear! It’s nice to have a toycreated for Muslim children to love and learn! ❤️

Great toy! My son uses it every night for the night prayers, as well as the morning Duaa.
I would recommend for ages between 2-9.


This was as great gift!!!

Dua Bear and Book
Laila Nasheeba
Must have for all Muslims!

This is a must-have for all Muslims old and young. So many do not know the four Quls or Ayat Qursi yet many worries over the evil eye and magic. This bear solves those worries - simply tap the paw and viola - you are protected! Please order your bear today!

Dua Bear and Book
Huda Yazgi

I just bought this toy for my son Ameer and daughter Tala and they loooooove it!! Ameer always has nightmares and plans on playing the duaa every time he wakes up and is anxious at night! Thank you for this!!


Dua Bear and Book
Umm Sulaiman

MashaAllah this was such a great investment for my 3 year old son! He sleeps with it every night. It has helped him to wind down and fall asleep at bedtime and he is enjoying learning his duas and surahs. Thank you to the makers of dua bear for a great all-in-one Islamic solution to bedtime struggles!

Excellent Product. I bought it for my kids and they love it.

I love it.